Teachers, use of ICT: Challenges and Opportunities

When integrating technology in educational programs a variety of responses from teachers can be enthusiasm, skepticism, fear and uncertainty (Zembylas, 2010). Teachers can feel overwhelmed about using and teaching technology to children. One way to help teachers overcome their fear and uncertainty of technology is providing professional development opportunities to continually keep them up to date with the latest information.  

Issues with Technology in the classroom

When teachers are providing a class incorperating technology, having a lesson planned using the equipment can be hard if something doesn’t work at the time when you need it.
Within this youtube video Dr Joe ward talks about technology and the issues teachers may face when ICT’s are used.

The Pro’s And Con’s of Technology in the classroom

When children use technology within the classroom there are advantages and disadvantages for the child’s development and a teachers ability to maintain quality support for students. Some of the advantages are that children become active learners and they are motivated to explore information while the teacher becomes more of a facilitator. A disadvantage is the teachers ability to supervise the use of ICT’s as it can be difficult with many children in the room and only one teacher. Websites can also provide the answers for the children and they have no chance to discover and evaluate ideas properly.
Within the youtube video below they discuss the advantages and disadvantages that teachers and children face when using ICT’s,
Part 1

Part 2

Integrating Technology in the classroom

Integrating Technology in the classroom provides you with the opportunity to enhance childrens learning through the use of research, problem solving and discovery.

What disadvantages have you experienced intergrating ICT’s into the classroom, and what steps have you taken to overcome them?